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Bethel Church App

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Bethel Church App is a religious application that helps believer’s access sermons, sacred words, and church calendars. Here you can find out about the upcoming activities, get the opportunity to access the Christian service, and view archived messages. The pastor regularly adds the event to the calendar and allows each member to read the prayer online. Here you can find new sermons, get information about further meetings, and join the religious activity. Here you can find information about the pastor and the church, as well as many interesting articles that are suitable for you to study.

It is worth noting that the application Menu is convenient and easy to learn. Here you can choose between categories, donate or share links with friends. Find exciting announcements and activities and also get access to notes and a personal profile. Thanks to this application, you can solve many technical and religious aspects to be closer to the parishioners.

Religious App

The application is adapted for smartphones and tablets on Android. Only a few clicks and you get access to church activities and a particular map. Here you can take notes and read weekly news. Leave money for charity or sign various forms. In general, this is a multifunctional application for Christians who can communicate with each other and get the opportunity to correspond. It is worth noting that the program interface is made as convenient as possible. It allows you to find the necessary activity and details without lengthy search operations.

App Features

  • engaging sermons and church activities;
  • application for parishioners and pastors;
  • calendar events and events;
  • the ability to read the bible online;
  • simple interface for finding information.
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