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Android 5.0 and above
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Game Assistant

Bigfoot is a personal assistant on Android that improves the user experience when playing mobile games. You can get detailed information about the map of the area, the location of the loot and the possibility of choosing individual tactics. Find interesting places on the map, collect essential elements and change the type of sight. It will help you shoot your opponents more accurately. All base cards help players choose a personal Strategy and the ability to manoeuvre while avoiding the enemy. 

The system of recommendations helps to make an important decision and get detailed information about current statistics. Learn the order of the chests and get the maximum benefit from the various cases. Get detailed information about many players and characters in mobile games and gain an advantage. The system quickly integrates with multiple video games and helps you learn more about useful features.

New User Experience

Thanks to this application, you will get a new experience and will be able to get more positive emotions from playing mobile games. Explore new maps and locations, open chests and further information about different types of games. Use markers to search for loot and earn more inside the game currency. It is your chance to improve your playing skills and get a lot of useful information. The application supports thousands of games, so you can get a tangible advantage and play more efficiently.

App Features

  • multifunctional game assistant on Android;
  • create screenshots and videos in one click;
  • tips, tricks, and a detailed guide to many games;
  • convenient interface and various categories;
  • system of recommendations for players.
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