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Biglion is an application for Android devices in which you can purchase or get free coupons for a variety of services and products. This is a client of one of the largest such services, operating in many countries.


With Biglion you can save on shopping at malls, dinners at your favorite eateries, visits to beauty salons, travel, educational courses, treatments and even entertainment. The application helps to track current promotions in your city and buy coupons in several tapas. In addition, users have the opportunity to participate in discussions by sharing with their community members their own impressions or thoughts about the terms of the proposal.


The section with the action is divided into categories: beauty, children, health, restaurants, concerts and goods. Thanks to this, they are easy to navigate. The same goes for the coupon section. By the way, the latter do not need to be printed out – in almost any institution and store, coupons are accepted electronically. Payment can be made by credit card or terminals (cash). Please note that most coupons have a specific expiration date. If necessary, you can configure pop-up notifications about the expiration of this period. Thanks to this application you can save significant money and use cashback. Discover various opportunities for yourself and your friends. Explore different activities and find profitable discounts for every day.

Key Features

  • viewing stocks for various services and goods in foreign countries;
  • receiving discounts ranging from 50% to 90%;
  • purchase of coupons with a credit card or terminal;
  • detailed information about each stock and calculation of savings;
  • compatible with all current versions of the Android operating system.
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