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BirdNET is an application for Android that lets you identify the species of the flying animal buy its sounds.

Recording with your phone 

If there is a bird near you and you want to know what it is this app will help you to find all the available information on it. After the install, you have to allow acces to the microphone of your devices and it is ready to work. 

When you start the recording process the application will save all the sounds in the environment around you. Then you can manually choose the needed part in the prepared audio track. You need to pay attention as you should choose exactly the section where the bird is heard clearly. 

If you successfully perform this, the species will be identified automatically with the help of the neural network and artificial intelligence that was created especially for this purpose. The app works only with animals that are common in such areas as North America and Europe, so if you are trying to find the bird from the different locations there might be no information on it. 

After the bird is identified, you gain the opportunity to read detailed articles about it and rate the result of the search. You can share it with other users from all around the world.

Also, there is a special in-app map that shows species around you and places where it’s possible to find them. 

Contribution to the science 

The technology the application uses is experimental. So when you make recordings you help developers to test their system and also allow ornithologists to find new material for studies.

It reminds the app called PlantNet, that works in a similar way but with the flora around you and needs not sounds but images. 


  • identifies the bird around you by sound;
  • let you record the surrounding environment with your devices;
  • detailed information on species;
  • you can help to test the new technology;
  • free download for Android.
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