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Bitcoin World is an Android application with the option to convert cryptocurrency to fiat money.

Conversion process                

This app is convenient for bitcoin rate check. This application offers current quotes of bitcoin to other currencies. The asset of the application has more than 10 options for currency pairs, and the rate is updated every hour.

Immediately after launching the application, you can choose any fiat currency and find out its value to bitcoin. Enter the required amount in cryptocurrency, dollars, euros, or other options. The application will automatically display the result for you.

Design and functionality

The free utility has an ascetic design. It updates every minute. People can set the currencies here.

This is convenient for a quick analysis of the course. The application is suitable for traders, speculators, and cryptocurrency investors who are waiting for the digital currency to rise to sell their assets more profitably.

The app has a lot of issues. Sometimes currency quotes are updated longer than the declared time. On average, the lag is two hours from the publication of courses on reputable trading platforms. Also, the utility is often buggy. When choosing a specific currency pair, you can observe the rate update indicator for an infinitely long time.


  • utility for monitoring the current rate of cryptocurrencies;
  • list of fiat currencies with an automatic converter;
  • quotes correspond to the official rate;
  • the application can be downloaded for free;
  • full compatibility with current versions of Android.
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