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BitMEX is an application for Android that lets you trade cryptocurrencies using your phone.  

Main functions

First of all, it is required to create a new account, once you have installed the app. It is possible to use your Gmail profile or another similar platform. After the process of authorization, you get access to all features. 

It is possible to sell and purchase bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies fast and easy. You can build an order with a few clicks and change its parameters manually. 

Moreover, you are allowed to make deposits and when you need money there is the ability to withdraw it immediately. 

You can use different payment systems such as debit cards or digital wallets to perform transactions from and to your account. 

Other tools

The application lets you not only trade but to get the most actual information and analyze the market. There are multiple data sets available that are updated in real-time and accessible at any moment. Also, you can see candlestick charts on all popular currencies. 

These instruments show you how rates drop and rise and let you make a decision based on them. 

It is also possible to manage notifications in the settings tab. The app can inform you whenever your order gets executed or some other important events happen. 

Furthermore, there is a security system that protects your money and personal information from getting stolen. There is biometric authentication available each time you log in. Also, you get notified anytime someone is trying to enter your account. 


  • lets you purchase and sell cryptocurrencies;
  • it is possible to make deposits and withdraw money;
  • there are constantly updated charts available;
  • your account is protected by multiple methods;
  • free download for Android.
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