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Blinkist is an educational application for Android devices that will help you get various books and access to the best information source in the world.

Train your brains

This Android application will allow you to access more than three thousand books in various genres. There are 28 categories to explore multiple financial, economic, and cultural aspects. You can read any books or listen to the audio option. It is worth noting that you can manage audio recordings and speed up the playback mode. 

Create additional notes and notifications as well as get acquainted with the best collections of books according to the version of various people. It is worth noting that you can download books for offline viewing. Choose any genre that you like and enjoy unlimited listening. This application will allow you to find out more economical, political, and statistical data that will help you in everyday life.

Easy to use the app

It is worth noting that this application is perfect for all literature lovers and those who want to develop themselves. Here you will find valuable tips, lessons, and smart thoughts of famous people. 
Choose the literature that will allow you to get the maximum amount of knowledge in a short period. Use the quick search and various categories to get unlimited access to valuable information. It can be useful for further job search, obtaining basic knowledge in multiple fields and self-improvement. Use this opportunity to learn and learn about New Information every day.


  • application for access to various e-books;
  • listen to audiobooks or read the text for free;
  • daily updates and collections;
  • more than 3000 manuals and 28 sections for search;
  • user-friendly interface, bookmarks, and save.
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