Bank of Ceylon
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8 Mb
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Android 2.2 and above
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BOC B is a banking application for la-la management of a personal account. Use your Android profile to complete financial transactions, track money transfers and manage your bank portfolio. Now users of the service have access to utility bills and the possibility of obtaining credit cards. There is also a recharge of a mobile account and convenient business services. 

The system is protected by two-factor authentication, which eliminates the possibility of hacking by third parties. A convenient interface allows you to contact technical support, transfer money to a bank account or check the current status. The system includes convenient diagrams, an online map with the nearest divisions and the ability to communicate with technical support. Regardless of your goals, you can get a detailed consultation or find the nearest branch to visit.

Fast Transactions

In addition to the user-friendly interface of the application, it offers a quick process of registering and opening a bank account. The user-friendly interface is divided into categories which allow you to select the required amount in a few clicks. You can track all the offers of the banking service and receive the most profitable services. 

Activate automatic technical support to get the latest information about your account and status. This will allow you to make financial transactions faster and determine the account balance. The application has a convenient interface that will appeal to all lovers of stylish and functional programs on Android.

App Features

  • banking application on Android;
  • make transactions and check the status of the account;
  • pay utility bills and mobile communications;
  • fast transactions between clients;
  • the ability to activate credit cards in one click.
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