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Cosmetology and pharmaceuticals

Boots is a multidisciplinary application that will simplify the purchase of cosmetics, perfumes, and medicines on Android. Thanks to this application, you can find the nearest stores or products to buy what you need. Choose a variety of prescription drugs or make an appointment with an online doctor. Use a vitamin reminder to take on times various vitamins and minerals. Online books will help you deal with taking medications and improve your health. The one-off is your path to a healthy body. Buy all the necessary medicines and beauty products with this application.

Another critical aspect of the application is the ability to sign up for an online consultation. Here you can find more information about your health and choice of cosmetic products. A search system helps you find the right product or shop by department. Use the camera to search for products or search for nearby stores on an online map. It will help you reduce the time needed to find the necessary medicines or cosmetic products. Now you can always stay up to date with changes in this environment.

Online Ordering

A fast delivery system will allow you to receive your goods on time. Use the notification system to not forget about the latest sales and affordable prices. Consider a personal offer to find exciting products at an affordable price. It will help you save money and get high-quality products. Keep track of your physical and visual condition and get all the benefits of fast shopping.

App Features

  • a great store locator on Android to find medical items;
  • health and beauty content for every customer;
  • user-friendly interface & useful main menu;
  • fast access to online clinics in one click;
  • beauty consultations for men and women. 
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