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B&Q is an Android app for shopping. Now you can use the online map to search for branded stores in your city. Use the convenient catalog to search for products that you need. Please note that many items are sold at a discount. Choose different categories and products that are in stores in your city. You can also connect a personal card to your account in the application to receive more benefits and discounts. Use quick display of goods for search and purchase. 

The rating system will allow you to decide on your purchase and choose the best quality product. A price tracking system will help you find the best deal and buy what you need. The user-friendly interface is designed for most users who want to get a new shopping experience. Discover the world of goods at affordable prices. The application is constantly updated so you can count on discounts, a user-friendly interface and many interesting offers. Every day there are new products that satisfy user needs. 

Great Stuff for Sale

It is worth noting that here you will find everything you need. Use the online navigator to come to one of the stores in your city and get goods at an affordable price. It will save you money and get what you want. Thanks to this application, you can significantly save on purchases and get all the products that you have long dreamed about. Discover a new shopping format and get many benefits. Now you do not have to spend a lot of time in line at the checkout. Buy products in one click and get a discount.

App Features

  • application for shopping on Android;
  • a large catalog of quality products at a great price;
  • quick search by catalog or keywords;
  • the ability to snap a club card online;
  • navigator for searching stores in your city.
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