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Brain Test

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Brain Test is an entertaining application that will allow you to train your logic and intuition. Here you can discover many exciting secrets for Android devices and develop your intelligence.

Enjoy hardcore quiz

This Android app has several levels with quizzes and trains your brain. Many questions have a compact format and require a non-standard approach. You have to be smart and resourceful to open new levels. This application allows you to have fun and discover many new formats for interacting with objects. 

Complete tricky tasks and develop your logic. With this application, you can significantly improve your intelligence and the ability to make various decisions quickly. In general, this is a useful application that will allow you to experience many advantages and the opportunity to enjoy answers to questions. Thanks to such a proposal, you can develop your logic and spatial thinking. Here you will learn to think outside the box and make essential decisions to pass each level. Explore the various possibilities of the offer and discover new locations.

Start the show

Here you can perform various logical tasks with the help of tips and self-analysis. You need to read a detailed description of each level and advance following the wishes of the developer. It is the real number of actions you can see a new level. Some activities are non-standard. You have to either experiment or make an original decision for Victory at each level. In general, this is an exciting and straightforward mobile application that includes several functions and the ability to solve problems.


  • free quiz app for online users;
  • complicated and tricky puzzles;
  • free access to the basic functionality of Android;
  • increasing complexity and graphic objects;
  • an opportunity to develop intuition.
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