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Brainly is an application for Android that is developed by the eponymous organization. It gives you the opportunity to solve school tasks and answer questions together with other users.

Helping each other

The app lets its users solve various tasks together. The service allows you to ask questions in common chat in order to get answers. Local community members are always ready to help with any difficult task that you can not solve on your own.

The questions are categorised by corresponding school subjects. Users can do tasks in math, geography, linguistics, literature, history, physics, chemistry, social sciences, and more.

Moreover, there is a searching system that allows you to find anything that you need to know by using keywords. Thus, users have the opportunity to quickly jump to the section they need.

It is worth noticing that this app can only help you to find answers and solve certain tasks, but there is no ability to study together with other people like in Google Classrooms.


By creating an account in this application, you can take part in various preparation courses for various examinations. All training materials and tools are available in one place, so you can not only learn something new but also systemize all knowledge that you already have.

Users can check their current level with various tests. The reports will help you find out which topics and chapters still need to be revised. It should be noted that there are no advertising and hidden purchases in the application, despite the fact that it is completely free for all. 


  • you can get answers to homework from other users;
  • it is possible to solve various tasks together;
  • lets you improve your knowledge with the help of useful tips and tests;
  • there are no advertisements or obligatory purchases;
  • free download for Android.
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