Bubble Level 3D

Bubble Level 3D

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Bubble Level 3D View from aboveBubble Level 3D The level

Bubble Level 3D is a practical application that is an alternative replacement for the construction level. You can use the simulation of this tool to draw straight lines efficiently.

The best tool to build a wall

The builder knows that the bubble level is one of the best solutions to level the wall or design the right cement screed. Unfortunately, appropriate construction equipment is not always available at hand. This Android application can replace such a device and provide you with a convenient interface for working with various surfaces. You can attach your smartphone to masonry, building tiles, or another element. 

All of this will allow you to measure the vertical and horizontal lines with small errors. You can also complement various nuances with an extra function. Here you can access multiple parameters and positions that will allow you to die out all the shades of the building level accurately. Friendly interface and the ability to work effectively with various elements will allow you to use this level in most emergencies.

Easy to use the app

To start measuring, you lean the smartphone against the wall at a certain angle. You can immediately get the necessary calculations and find the error. This application will allow you to turn your smartphone into devices for testing the quality of repairs. Just attach the smartphone to the necessary surface, and you will see the result. It is worth noting that many Builders can use this program for Android devices in the absence of standard equipment at hand. Experiment and check repair quality every day.


  • free bubble level for smartphones;
  • various functions and the ability to switch modes;
  • horizontal and vertical level measurements;
  • compatibility with all versions of Android;
  • detailed analysis of the angle of inclination and irregularities.
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