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C-TOPPS is a comprehensive application that will help to organize full control over the elections in India. The main feature of this program is a lot of links to third-party software systems and a training video so that you can understand the election process. The whole algorithm is built around sectoral elections and various candidates. Now you can track the location of deputies and parties online. You can also monitor the activities of many public people and get the latest information about their movement. 

Use the user-friendly interface to search for important applications and critical information. Get access to the national Voter Services portal and find the necessary data about politicians. A convenient set of links will allow you to go to YouTube and search for many instructional videos. Now the whole election process in India will become easier for many people.

Free Elections

Thanks to useful hyperlinks and a ton of new information, you can learn more about the specifics of the elections in India. This application provides unlimited access to training videos on YouTube and the opportunity to explore a lot of new data. Use internal links to search for important applications and detailed election information. Now you can be legally savvy and operate with legal terms. Get access to unlimited data and learn a lot. This application opens up new opportunities for you. Make elections in India fair and get the information you need to improve your knowledge.

App Features

  • the Android application for controlling elections in India;
  • links to training videos and legal materials;
  • data on the activity of political groups and links to applications;
  • the opportunity to organize a new approach to political elections;
  • hyperlinks and light weight applications.
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