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29 Mb
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Android 4.1 and above
CallApp call identificatorCallApp call recording

CallApp is a multifunctional application that will help you improve the situation with fake numbers. The fact is that many users experience discomfort due to spam and unwanted calls from unknown persons. This Android program contains a huge data base containing the phone numbers of unwanted subscribers. With this protective complex you can block SMS and calls from various unwanted subscribers. You can also use the caller ID to find out who is calling you. 

Record phone conversations or switch to incognito mode if privacy is important to you. In this application you can find many interesting phone contacts that will help you solve your problems. Identify numbers works as quickly as possible so you can find out whom and when called you on the phone. You can also get a photo from a link to user pages that bother you regularly. Calls are blocked by a special algorithm processed by requests from the server.

Clear Connection

Thanks to this application, you can get rid of annoying advertising calls and make your phone much cleaner. Keep all important contacts in one place since the most reliable data protection algorithm is present here. Now you can easily record a telephone conversation to return to the conversation in the future. It is worth noting that a more convenient and faster communication format will allow you to be closer to your friends and colleagues. Dial phone numbers as quickly as possible thanks to the technology of recognition of telephone records. You can also find the nearest place and people on the map thanks to convenient search algorithms. 

App Features

  • application to block unwanted calls & SMS;
  • determine the identity of the spammer on Android;
  • simple interface and security algorithms;
  • keep contacts in one place;
  • record phone conversations and update contacts.
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