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Bolshakov Aleksandr
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Calorie Counter is an application for people leading a healthy lifestyle. This Android application will provide invaluable assistance to those who, in addition to playing sports, also decided to adjust their diet. Calorie counter allows you to determine the daily calorie intake for a particular person, and in the future helps to monitor their consumption.

To understand what your norm is, you should fill out a profile - gender, date of birth, weight and height. Then you need to specify a lifestyle - passive, with a minimal amount of physical activity, or active. After that, the program will show your daily rate, displayed in the total number of calories needed. You can also get acquainted with the details - how many proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be consumed during the day.

Keeping a diary

Every day, the user must make entries in the program about his diet. For the day you need to fill in three blocks - breakfast, lunch and dinner. The application database contains many products and ready-made dishes - you just have to choose them and indicate the amount of portion you eat, after which the application will independently calculate the calories received and show the user detailed information about the remaining calories needed to maintain the daily norm.

As the month progresses, you can familiarize yourself with the schedule of changes in your weight, which will allow you to track how the diet is displayed on your life. But for this, of course, you should from time to time enter the numbers shown on the scales in a special column of the Calorie Counter.

Key Features

  • helps to maintain proper nutrition;
  • based on all the necessary data, calculates the daily calorie intake;
  • allows you to track the change in user weight in the form of a graph;
  • has a built-in database of foods and dishes, which greatly simplifies the process of counting calories;
  • personal notes are required regularly.
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