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Android 4.1 and above
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Capitec is an Android banking application that opens up new horizons for you. Use fast transactions to transfer money between your accounts and send money transfers to friends or acquaintances. Protect your bank cards and manage your family budget. You can make fast transactions using a convenient interface. Track all your income and expenses in one click. You can also manage various financial cells and track your credit rating. 

Choose all interaction formats and view the details of your account. It will help you to protect your money more reliably and get more opportunities every day. Manage your security from a distance and change your pin in one click. It will allow you to respond to various intruders and the loss of passwords quickly. Track all your financial transactions in one click. All sections of the application are conveniently structured so that you can intuitively find the required parameter.

A Bank in Your Pocket

Thanks to the multifunctional capabilities of this application, you get unlimited access to your account and financial transactions. Receive and send money, control your savings, and track all financial transactions. Now you can control every aspect of your financial life. Receive a salary or cash payments in one click. Now you can manage your business account with your smartphone or tablet. Take loans and open deposits in one click. The application contains a convenient technical support option and the ability to familiarize you with typical answers to questions.

App Features

  • banking application on Android;
  • manage your accounts and track expenses;
  • choose a credit limit and protect your accounts;
  • fast transactions and access control;
  • user-friendly interface and technical support system.
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