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Caustic is an Android app with the option to create music online.

Basic features

The free utility has a set of 14 synthesizers with various samples. Users can create files in WAV and OGG formats without loss of quality. The application supports a set of presets from FL Studio and SoundFont files. Change skins, sound banks and the size of the keyboard.

The menu has ready-made sound effects to create surround electronic sound. The individual frequency parameters can be adjusted using the equalizer and sequencer. The basic version allows you to create music without the possibility of saving. This option is available only in the Pro version.

Interface and Management

Visually, the utility resembles a drum machine with sectors for adjusting the sound. A large number of indicators and toggle switches can have a discouraging effect for beginners. However, after several hours of using the utility, this problem will disappear. The ability to change the API audio is a key option for advanced musicians. Separate volume and reverb settings can create the desired surround sound effect for each song.

A huge plus is the availability of instructions in English. Thanks to this, the development of all technical aspects will be faster. The utility supports the looper option and the ability to mute individual channels. This allows you to fine-tune the rhythm and listen to the sound without specific instruments in the mix.


  • utility for creating electronic music;
  • multiband equalizer and mixer;
  • support for sound modules and saving to a memory card;
  • plugin testing is available for free;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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