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15 Mb
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Android version
Android 4.4 and above
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Cell C is a proprietary Android application that allows you to manage your mobile tariff, buy new megabytes and minutes for communication. Control your consumption with the online widget on your smartphone. You can also quickly replenish your account and manage the tariff plan in a few clicks. Sign up to access your account and manage all financial transactions. Many users can set a daily limit of megabytes or minutes for a conversation. 

Use the quick recharge option and choose the most comfortable mode of using your smartphone. This application allows you to quickly change various data of your account and control all financial expenses. Choose your tariff and configure all critical indicators in order to use the Internet and mobile communications. A quick connection to various activities will allow you to more efficiently distribute your finances and communicate with friends and relatives.

The Cell C Menu

The application opens up new opportunities for you to manage your tariff plans. This telephone operator provides new opportunities for using megabytes and your minutes. Send SMS in one click and take full advantage of mobile communications. Control your daily traffic flow and you can always stay online. This application simplifies many financial activity transactions for each user. You no longer need to visit the official site. You can manage all the activities on your smartphone or tablet. Just install the application and settings your personal account for your own needs.

App Features

  • the Android application for tariff plan control;
  • replenish your account and set daily limits;
  • use the application to change the tariff plan and quick payments;
  • control all financial transactions and automate the process;
  • convenient menu with quick navigation for users.
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