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Chat Alternative is a free Android application that allows you to chat with other people on the Internet. Get ready to meet interesting people and learn a lot.

Meet new people

It is a universal innovative platform for online communication. This application allows you to set up a video chat with strangers. Interlocutor generation occurs automatically. You only need to install android applications and click on the start button. Then you can get to know different people and communicate with them through video contact. 

Use this application if you want to meet new people and find out a lot of further information. The app is unusual in that it does not require any restrictions or communication format from you. Choose the system yourself and switch to another person if you are not interested.

Unlimited chats

The main goal of the application is to help people in social communication. Here you can find any interlocutor and discuss various topics that interest you. The main plus is that you do not need to worry about it in a communication format. If you do not like the person you are talking to, you can always switch the camera to a new user. Use this opportunity to tell people about yourself and get a lot of further information. 
Here you can become a more confident interlocutor and train your communication skills. Do not forget that the application is free and does not require you to register. You also do not need to create an account to communicate with other users on the network.


  • free Android application for communication;
  • video chats and text messages;
  • compatibility with tablets and smartphones;
  • anonymous communication without indicating personal data;
  • quick switching of interlocutors.
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