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Chat with parents

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Chat with parents is an application from the developers of another popular program – Where are my children. With it, children can chat with their parents, send those alarms, and use the quick response system to describe their location. As you might guess, this application needs to be installed on the portable device of its offspring (and “connected” with the primary client). Fortunately, the program supports relatively old versions of Android.

In general, this is a reliable and straightforward application that will help parents communicate with children and control all their actions. Now your child will be in touch with you 24 hours a day. It is a very convenient application that simplifies parental care and helps them to keep abreast of all the activities of the child.

Communication with parents

The application works like a regular messenger. The critical difference is that it allows you to send messages only to a small circle of authorized users (mom, dad, and other relatives). Authorization is fast – to execute it, enter the code received on the “parent” device. A convenient step-by-step wizard provided for the initial setup, so even a child can handle it.

Of the features of the application, it is worth noting the exchange of text and audio messages, as well as the use of a quick response system. For example, at the request of the child’s parent, you can quickly select the prepared “template” for the answer: “at school,” “walking,” “with a friend,” and so on. The Chat with parents application does not allow sharing photos or other files. You can download and use the program for free.

App Features

  • enables the child to communicate with parents in a text chat;
  • offers a quick response system and convenient initial setup;
  • works with all current versions of the Android operating system;
  • allows you to exchange text and audio messages;
  • has a beautiful minimalistic interface.
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