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Chick-fil-A, Inc.
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Chick fil A is an application for Android that provides you with the opportunity to purchase meals in popular restaurants with the help of convenient tools. 

Making orders 

Once you have installed the app, you have to create a new account to start using all functions that are available. 

In the beginning, it is possible to choose the closest restaurant or the one that you are usually visiting. You can do it manually by entering the address of it or by providing access to your current location for the application so it could automatically find the establishments nearby.

Then you can choose what you would like to eat, add it to the chart, and pay for it with your debit card or another payment method.

Your order will be prepared and packed for you, so you could pick it up or come and enjoy it in the restaurant. 

It is important to notice that it is developed by the company from the United States so it can be used only by people who are currently situated in the US. 

A lot of official applications of restaurants are available only in certain countries like My McDonalds, for example. 

Pick up options 

Whenever you choose an establishment where you are going to pick your meal up there is the ability to select the method. 

It is possible to take an order at the counter and carry it up. Also, you can use a Drive through if the restaurant of your choice has it. 

Moreover, you can ask an employee to bring your food directly to your car so you would not have to leave it. 


  • allows you to make orders remotely and pick them up once they are prepared;
  • it is available only for people who live in the US;
  • you can choose the payment method;
  • automatically locates the closest restaurant of the chain;
  • free download for Android.
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