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Chinese Numbers

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Chinese Numbers is an educational application for those who want to learn Chinese, alphabet, and numbers. Thanks to the convenient game form, you can systematize all knowledge and get a convenient dictionary with the reproduction of words by native speakers. Everyone knows that the Chinese language is very complex and requires the memorization of various intonations. Here you can distinguish individual nuances and interpret words in the right way. Learn all communication formats and numbers. 

Small interactive games will help you remember all the information and keep track of current progress. You can learn all the hieroglyphs and write them during the study. Add a variety of nuances and mid-tones to make you understand the Chinese. Draw hieroglyphs on special guides and study the sequence of creating written elements. It will help you in the future.

Start Education

This Android application will help you learn Chinese much faster than with a standard dictionary. Here you get an example of the correct pronunciation, you can write down all the hieroglyphs and learn Chinese from easy to complex sentences. Now you can easily understand all the basic communication formats and travel around China. Learn all the intricacies of dialects, dialects, and complex sentences. Remember the correct spelling of hieroglyphs. It will allow you not to change the semantic load of graphic images and to understand all the nuances of the Chinese language.

App Features

  • application for learning Chinese;
  • learn to write hieroglyphs on Android;
  • audio recordings with nuances of pronunciation of words;
  • convenient translator and dictionary of synonyms;
  • fast learning format and progress bar.
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