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CitizenMe is an application for Android smartphones and tablets that helps users earn money for sharing data with brands on an anonymous basis.

Share Data, Make cash

Modern technology is based on the results of user research and behavioral assessment. Many large corporations and organizations need constant updating of data to know what users need. For example, a corporation requires knowledge about people’s preferences for purchasing goods and services. 

Your daily activity sports your thoughts, and actions are significant to form a behavioral model and create a profitable product. The Android data transfer is the intermediary between you and the companies. You can share information on an anonymous basis and receive money for it. Now all your actions can be monetized. Enjoy the activity and freedom of choice of what data you want to share.

World community & Digital portrait

This Android application will help you go through various polls and get paid for it. You can easily participate in the city and earn points for your activity. Answer multiple questions and recognize your digital portrait. Here you can not only share data with other people and corporations but also know yourself from a new perspective. 

For example, you can find out about your daily needs, level of Comfort, and current ambitions. Thanks to this, you and many people will learn how best to interact with each other and which product is most valuable on the market. This application is beneficial both for various corporations and for the end-user who can monetize their time and preferences. 


  • earn money for sharing your data anonymously;
  • choose what you are willing to share with others;
  • free download and use of the application;
  • communicate with the Android community and get benefits every day;
  • regular updates and new features monthly.
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