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Citus Health is an Android app designed to provide home infusion support.

Save time and use med tips

Many patients need an infusion. It is a modern need that can be systematized and greatly simplified. Now patients can directly contact doctors and nurses to receive the necessary answers and basic guidance on the use of various medications. Now you do not need to call the hospital or solve many issues. 

All the nuances can be solved by correspondence. Patients can register and gain access to instructions and advice from doctors on how to do an infusion. You can also make an appointment with the doctor or receive various orders. Nurses can consider patients or the volume of supplies of medical services. In general, many issues can be resolved here to avoid re-hospitalization or the cost of additional medications.

Superior remote patient support

Now all patients can install the application on their Android smartphones and solve many technical problems. Now you do not need to call doctors or send faxes. This application allows you to reduce the cost of call centers, the supply of medicines, and the nuances of hospitalization. Patients can get better service. 

And doctors can quickly get rid of additional loads. Here you can organize all the nuances of a medical relationship and simplify the infusion process. The application has an intuitive interface and is conveniently configured in a few clicks. After that, you can immediately receive the necessary medical support and solve all your questions.


  • application with instructions and tips for home infusion;
  • direct contact with doctors and nurses;
  • reduce hospital re-admissions;
  • free patient records and online consultations;
  • compatible with all current Android versions.
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