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Android 4.1 and above
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Citymapper is a transport application on Android. Thanks to this program, you can create various routes for moving around the city and the whole country. Choose any type of transport like trolleybuses, buses, or subways. Move underground and go outside. Here you can find a bike rental point, taxi, or order Uber. The application contains detailed data on the schedule of buses, trains, and a detailed map of the metro. You can track all routes in real-time and manage your actions. 

Choose the best route and follow online transport. You can customize all applications for yourself and activate various additional options. Take a step-by-step way, and you can reach your destination. Each trip can be much faster and more comfortable, thanks to route optimization. Choose all metro stations or a bike rental point to organize your leisure and get a lot of pleasant emotions.

Save Your Time

Now you can always come to work on time and keep up with relevant business meetings. Develop your route, which consists of a metro, taxi, or public transport. Manage your travels and economy a lot of time. Now you can order a cab, rent a bike and use other transport options as efficiently as possible. Forget about traffic jams or being late. Now you independently manage your offers around the city. Travel, explore the city, and find many exciting new routes. This application simplifies all routine transport processes.

App Features

  • select different transport types and manage your trip;
  • integration with Uber, taxi services and other options;
  • display of traffic jams and the best routes;
  • destination arrival time and one-click maps editing;
  • arrival notifications on Android and daily news.
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