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Android 5.0 and above
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ClassDojo is an Android app that allows teachers, students, and parents to communicate together. It is a small interactive community where teachers can reward children for academic excellence, and parents can control their children and participate in school life. Now you can monitor children’s grades and share information with teachers. Children can learn a lot and participate in class life. Thus, there are many exciting emoticons and a convenient interface for each user. Parents, children, and teachers can share news and share various data. 

It is a small social network for students and parents. The application also contains various teaching tools that will help students in the process of obtaining knowledge. Modern electronic portfolios will help to share information and learn more. Also, this application can be used as a remote control to adjust image settings on school electronic whiteboards.

Friendly Community

Thanks to this application, children and their parents can receive more information from teachers and stay updated on all the latest developments. Each teacher can communicate with parents and talk about the progress of each student. This application simplifies communication processes and improves student performance. Now every day is accompanied by detailed reports and small videos about the work done. It is the first communication format that allows teachers, students, and parents to keep abreast of the latest school trends.

App Features

  • app for communication between teachers, students, and parents;
  • the social network on Android with avatars, videos, and stickers;
  • tracking student progress online;
  • the ability to ask teachers questions and share information;
  • user-friendly interface and quick registration.
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