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Android 4.1 and above
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Clean Master is a multifunctional application for cleaning and protecting your device on Android. Use the program to clean the phone. Many system files of unused cache and other content clutter up the system. Smart algorithm allows you to quickly clean up the place and free up the necessary space for new installations. Powerful antivirus analyzes the presence of malicious files in the system and allows you to protect your smartphone or tablet from threats. 

Just a few clicks and you will protect your smartphone. Also, the application allows you to save battery power. A special mode disables unnecessary functions so that you can save battery power for important calls or sending files. An important aspect is the option to speed up the phone. The system analyzes the least used content and unloads it from RAM. This allows you to save resources for more important tasks.

Clean Your Device

Smart cleaning system allows you to speed up your device several times. Delete unnecessary files that are not used by the system or content that you no longer need. A special setting allows you to optimize various processes of the operating system and free up resources for more important tasks. Now you can always speed up your smartphone in a few clicks. The system analyzes the files and will not allow you to remove important programs. Now you can not worry about the key attribute of the operating system being deleted. Use the optimization of your smartphone to improve its performance.

App Features

  • application for cleaning Android devices;
  • smart file scanning option;
  • antivirus and ad blocker;
  • RAM configuration and system acceleration;
  • removal of unused content to clean the device.
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