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CLICK Evolution is an Android application that allows you to conduct financial transactions. Money transfers are available to users all over the world. 

Money transfer

The application is designed for users who need to transfer money. You must specify the details of the recipient and enter the desired amount of money. To make financial transfers, you need to confirm the phone number. 

The registration procedure is free. You need to enter a phone number and get a confirmation code. Next is the verification process and account creation. After you bind your bank card details, you can make any payments on the Internet.

Some transactions can be automated. Security algorithms prevent repeated withdrawals. The procedure will be suspended if the Internet connection is lost.

Payment history

All financial activities of users are automatically saved in the section with the history of payments. Use QR code and a special USSD request to pay for anything. After the action is completed there, you will be able to see the balance in your account. 

It is worth noting that the general statistics are displayed in a pie chart where the highest costs and transactions are visible. This way, you can control all your payments in one place. 

The menu contains an online technical support chat where you can ask a question about problematic transactions or the general display of statistics. This is convenient for all users who want to track their transaction history.


  • smartphone transaction application;
  • the ability to generate QR codes for online purchases;
  • all payments are synchronized with the balance on the SIM card;
  • the application is available for free;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Android.
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