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ClipClaps is an application that contains many viral videos on Android. Here you can find funny videos with animals, various funny situations, and sketches. In general, the app is designed for a young audience and is entertaining in nature. There are also no annoying ads or other paid features. You can enjoy any video content for free and search for funny videos without limits.

Cash for Laughs

This application will allow you to monetize your time. Watch funny videos, laugh, and get paid. Having accumulated a sufficient amount for withdrawal, you can use your PayPal wallet and receive the money within a few hours. This application specializes in popularizing various viral videos of the Spanish continent. That is why you can have fun and earn money with this program. Naturally, you should not expect a million dollars, but you can quickly pay for a cup of coffee, a sandwich, or even buy pizza for the money you earned.

Exciting daily activities

It is worth noting that this application has a very positive effect on the mood of each person. Just five minutes of video per day, and you will get a positive charge for the whole week. Relax and enjoy thanks to the fun video. Here you will find a lot of thematic content about animals, funny situations, and other nuances. Mark your favorite videos and get paid for every video you watch.

The application contains surprises and rewards that can be activated every day. It will help you get the additional motivation to view the original content and mark the most liked videos.

App Features

  • watch funny videos on Android;
  • get rewarded for viewed content;
  • many headings and categories for fun;
  • no ads and annoying paid options;
  • the simple interface and the ability to monetize your time.
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