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Cluise mobile app will become a savior for fashionistas, as well as for people who, looking in their closet, never know what to wear. The latter, of course, concerns women more. Although for men this client will not be superfluous and will often help to compose their small wardrobe in such a way as to bring a drop of new and unexpected into it.


By installing Cluise, you will feel that you have acquired a personal stylist who not only knows your tastes well, but also knows how to combine clothing. The main advantage of this application over similar wardrobe management programs is the ability to shift all responsibility for combining different clothes to each other on the application. With Cluise, you don’t have to think “Choose this or that? Or maybe that?”.

Work with the application

To use the application, you do not need any special skills. Just install the client and run it. After that, you will be offered to virtualize all the clothes. This process can take a long time if you are the owner of a huge wardrobe, but believe me, it’s worth it. Virtualization consists in the fact that it will be necessary to photograph each of its things separately – preferably on a light background and in a fully expanded form. After that, all photos will need to be classified according to various parameters (skirts, sweaters, outerwear, shoes and so on).
After completing these steps, you can immediately begin modeling the image. From the user will only need to indicate color preferences or his current mood. In accordance with this, Cluise will select the current outfit. Cluise has functionality a bit similar on Instagram – application users can subscribe to other users, evaluate their images, and, of course, generate their own.

App Features

  • available for free download;
  • allows you to compose things in automatic mode;
  • makes it possible to digitize your entire wardrobe by photographing everything;
  • allows you to subscribe to other users and like their outfits;
  • able to create an image in accordance with the mood of the user.
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