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Color It is a free Android application that allows you to colorize pictures in random order.

Graphic harmony

The main advantage of this Android application is the freedom of drawing. You do not need to colorize the pictures by numbers, and follow the sequences. All you need is an experiment. Choose any color from the palette and experiment with color settings. You can repaint the pictures an infinite number of times to get a great combination that will satisfy you 100%. 

It is worth noting that this application perfectly paints all the pictures that are on the menu. You can apply various effects and projects in order to get additional settings. You can also share the finished result on social networks and please other people with your creativity. There is a gallery of various sections such as animals, nature and abstract art. Choose what you like best and paint pictures for children.

Edit pictures

One of the main features of this application is the ability to redraw and repaint images. For example, you are tired of a certain color and you would like to change the general structure of the picture. Now this is not a problem since you are not limited to any specific colors. Choose any stylistic variations that you like and repaint these pictures. It is worth noting that this is one of the few applications with a similar option. 

Here you can show maximum freedom and get the opportunity to translate all your fantasies into reality. Choose the Type and color as well as other effects that you will like in the process of creating a new picture. This is a good application that will allow you to relax abstracting yourself from the world. create beautiful pictures and share them on social networks.


  • application for coloring pictures;
  • free library with a palette and effects;
  • share ready-made pictures on social networks;
  • sections with thematic drawings;
  • compatible with actual Android versions.
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