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ColorNote is a free Android application that allows you to take notes, a shopping list and various reminders in order not to forget about important activities.

Fast notes

Every day we create a reminder and notes in order not to forget about various actions, purchases and other activities. Thanks to this Android application, you can organize and organize this process so as not to forget about important aspects. It is worth noting that here you can configure color notes and send them to your desktop. They can be conveniently systematized in order for you to find important aspects. 

Choose convenient stickers for your widgets and list them directly on the screen. You can also lock notes with a password so that no one can remember your notes. This application supports backup and the ability to edit notes on the go. You can synchronize all aspects of the application over the network and set up a reminder in the status bar.

Main Benefits

It is worth noting that this application is perfect for creating important reminders of business meetings, selecting the necessary goods in the store, or in case of storage of important information. Here you should not worry about someone reading your information without your knowledge. 

Protect your personal space with a password and no one will be able to access your notes. This is a convenient application that is suitable for many people every day. Thanks to the notification system, you will not miss important reminders.


  • free Android application for creating notes;
  • shopping lists and reminders with the ability to backup;
  • widgets on the home screen and color themes;
  • password protection for confidentiality;
  • quick note search and status bar.
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