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Cookpad Home made yogurt
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Cookpad is an Android app with recipes and detailed cooking instructions.

Types of Recipes

The application includes a large number of dishes from around the world. The general menu has categories and sections. You can choose meat delicacies, salads, sweets and soups. Drinks are presented with cocktails, syrups, tinctures and varieties of fruit tea.

There are halal recipes for Muslims, Easter pastries for Christians, and kosher dishes for Jews. The menu is divided into regular and festive dishes with options for serving. The library consists of 10000 recipes with to do lists.

How to cook meals?

Each recipe is accompanied by detailed instructions, tips for preparing the ingredients and proper slicing. Each step is matched with live photos. The menu contains a lot of clear recommendations. Under each publication, there are a number of user notes with deviations from the recipe and personal impressions of the tasting.

Additional features

Users can follow food bloggers for free and bookmark their favorite recipes. The utility includes an option to exchange comments with photos of cooked delicacies. This format allows you to learn about additional nuances and the appropriateness of preparing a dish.

Photos and recipes are available without an internet connection when saved to bookmarks. When connected to the Internet, you can discuss the intricacies of cooking with friends and ordinary users inside the community.


  • application for choosing recipes;
  • cooking photos and instructions for free;
  • the ability to add any recipe to your bookmarks;
  • offline mode for saving photos and instructions;
  • compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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