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Coronavirus UY

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Coronavirus UY is a medical application for residents of Uruguay who want to take a coronavirus test and get detailed advice using an Android smartphone.

Protect yourself

The current trend in the spread of COVID-19 scares many epidemiologists. That is why residents of Uruguay can use a unique Android application to receive the status of the current incidence rate and learn how to diagnose symptoms of coronavirus at home. Here you can get health reports and consult with real health professionals to determine if hospitalization is necessary. 

Thanks to this application, you can discuss in detail the entire dynamics of symptoms and find out if you are a carrier of this virus. It is worth noting that this is a convenient application that systematizes a lot of knowledge and allows people not to panic. Thanks to it, you get the opportunity to solve all your problems and diagnose the disease in time.

How to use it?

The first thing you need to do is register in the application. Enter your details so that doctors can contact you. You can monitor your body condition and send data to the medical staff. It will help you track the status of infected users or the progression of your disease progression. Here you can find detailed reports and all the necessary information that will help you in the further walkie-talkie. 

Use the main menu to select the parameter that you want to find out. Also, a central list with information will allow you to track all the statistics that are the most relevant at the moment. All this will help you not to panic and get detailed information about the current state of affairs. Thanks to this application, Uruguayans can use their Android smartphone as an epidemiological reference.


  • application for informing residents about coronavirus;
  • convenient menu for diagnosing symptoms;
  • free contact with doctors and help with the first symptoms;
  • the opportunity to learn more about the dynamics of the virus;
  • compatible with current versions of Android devices.
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