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Crypto Snaper is an Android application with the ability to track cryptocurrency rates.


The utility is designed for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors who are interested in the timely receipt of the current rate of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other digital tokens. It supports popular cryptocurrencies and allows to find out information about the total capitalization and trading volume.

Users can add specific types of currencies to their favorites for quick tracking of pricing policies. Each currency has a unit switch and a comparison option with USD and Bitcoin. All crypto traders can access the dynamics of price changes in real time. The utility can also generate buy and sell signals for cryptocurrencies, based on automatic analysis indicators and oscillators. 

Cryptocurrencies are sorted by percentage of daily growth. This allows you to track the most popular tokens. The utility consumes a small amount of Internet traffic when connecting to cryptocurrency exchange servers.


One of the most convenient features for traders is an investment portfolio. With it, you can combine all cryptocurrency assets and control the number of tokens. Users can access the calculation of the total cost of the portfolio and generate statements about its change for free. In total, you have the option to create several investment portfolios for tracking digital tokens.


  • cryptocurrency online course with a list of favorites;
  • drawing up an investment portfolio and reports;
  • information on the current cryptocurrency capitalization;
  • the utility is available for download and use for free;
  • full compatibility with current versions of Android.
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