Election Commission of India
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9 Mb
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Current version
cVIGIL v1.14
Android version
Android 4.1 and above
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cVIGIL is an application that will make local elections in India safer and more honest. This Android application allows you to save photos, videos and incident coordinates. Responsible residents can document incidents at election commissions and other institutions and supplement the short description of the incident. Thanks to this application, you can create a precedent for improving the legal status of any citizen and allow working more efficiently in the justice system. Now you can record all legal violations at polling stations and control state bodies. 

Thanks to user activity on Android, the desired effect is achieved. The GIS-based dashboard is responsible for the exact location of the incident. Now trials will be more effective due to the presence of compelling evidence. Model Code of Conduct is now working properly. You can count on a more effective consideration of complaints and the opportunity to assert your rights with documentary evidence and evidence. All you need is to use the application to record various offenses. Use photo and video capture in just one click. 

Great App

A convenient application allows you to quickly register and enter the necessary data for future use. This is a revolution in the legal environment in India since no official or judge can challenge your evidence. Use these applications if you want more legal freedom and the opportunity to assert your rights in court. Thanks to this application, suffrage in India will become not just a beautiful word, but a reality.

App Features

  • application for photo and video recording offenses;
  • convenient menu and photo / video fix option;
  • automatic location of a person;
  • fast data storage on the server;
  • powerful tool in the fight for suffrage.
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