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Daily Pixel
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Android 4.0
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Daily Pixel is an Android application with a gallery of pictures for coloring by numbers.

Entertaining utility

Drawing allows you to get positive emotions. This application will enable you to colorize pictures by numbers. Initially, sketches with black outlines and numbered sectors are available to users. You must select one of the colors in the palette to highlight unshaded sectors.

The application gallery is divided into sections with new drawings and a shared library. Updates are available for free every week. Users can select pictures in random order. Their subjects include abstraction, nature, cartoon characters, and other options.


All drawings consist of square pixels with numbers. To complete the picture, you need to paint over all the blocks with numbers. Users can zoom the image to search for small pixels. If the process is too difficult, the application will offer a hint. You should look at a short ad unit for one hint.

For each decorated picture, users get points. They can be accumulated to open hidden pictures. Also, players are available various bonuses for faster levels. They work on the principle of a bomb and fill several sectors with flowers at once. All pictures are conditionally divided into simple and complex. These options depend on the number of pixels to fill.

Small images consist of several hundred numbered zones. Large images include thousands of pixels and more colors in the palette.


  • application for coloring pictures by numbers;
  • the utility has a system of tips and bonuses;
  • each image is divided into pixels;
  • the utility is available for download and uses for free;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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