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The intense daily rhythm of life drains people physically and psychologically. To recover from exercise, you should do yoga. Daily Yoga is a great application that will become your guide in the world of physical practice and constant training.

Best Yoga app

This Android application allows you to do yoga every day. Choose the right workouts, your skill level, and follow all the recommendations of an online trainer. Here you can find courses for beginners and experienced athletes. Use various tips and instructions to prepare your body for exercise. You can restore your physical characteristics in a short period. It is worth noting that there are many personal programs from world yoga trainers. Choose a seven-day or monthly course that will allow you to make progress and learn many meditative practices.

Full Body transformation

After you install this application on your Android smartphone, you need to choose the intensity of the exercises and your skill level. After that, you will be able to be guided by the prepared materials and do yoga every day. Now you do not need to look for a personal trainer and spend money on gyms. Exercise at home and get the most out of your sports workouts. 

You can improve your breathing practices and lose weight. In general, this is a practical application for those who want to change their lives for the better and get motivation for daily training. Keep practicing and reach the pinnacle of excellence with this app.


  • free app for daily yoga classes;
  • practical courses from leading fitness trainers;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android;
  • video and photo tutorials for homework;
  • tips for beginners and visual tips.
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