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Android 4.1 and above
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Dailyhunt is a news app containing a large amount of interesting and informative content. It is worth noting that you can choose English, Hindi or another type of language to understand all regional news. Here you can get the latest first-hand information and choose different topics. Sporting events, policies, accommodation and regional news will be available to each user in the application. 

Every minute the program is updated, providing you with the latest news on android. Get content through a search engine and get connected to regional news. You can watch videos and find out interesting information that happens in your area. The convenient menu interface allows you to quickly switch between different news sources and find out celebrity news, gossip and the latest fashion trends. This app will help you to keep abreast of all information and stay informed.

News App

Here you will find many positive videos, pictures and news publications. This is a huge service containing the most relevant content on various topics. You will enjoy the humorous content, sports news, politics and other topics. All you need is to open the application and select the topic of interest to you. After that, you will receive constant updates and new content every minute. It is exactly the application that people who want to keep abreast of current trends need it. Install the application in one click and get access to the entire information society of India and other countries.

App Features

  • news app with multilingual menu;
  • read the news and watch the video;
  • entertainment content, humor, sports and politics;
  • new trends and quick updates;
  • fast search system for content on Android.
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