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DealDoktor is an Android application that collects all the best offers from online stores and allows you to buy things much cheaper than the market price.

Buy best products

The purpose of this offer is to provide users with the best prices, bonuses, discounts, and free offers. Here you can find many profitable products that can be sorted by price, rating, and other indicators. Thanks to the convenient menu, you can always find trending items that are cheaper than in other stores. 

Collect vouchers, discounts, and the best contacts to be able to buy the best products. Here you can compare prices and choose the most relevant options. Use bonus vouchers and other activities to save on every purchase. Here you will find detailed tips and best hot deals thanks to rating sellers. Communicate in the community and benefit from the activity.

How to earn bonuses?

It is worth noting that each member of the community can receive bonuses for their activity. In particular, there is a single currency called Heartbeats. You get bonuses for registration, your profile setting answers on forums, and visits to the application every day. Collect points, and get discount vouchers. 

Thus, applications stimulate all Android users to be active and save on purchases. The main goal of developers is to provide users with the highest quality access to the best products and saves on every purchase. Now you do not need to overpay for what you want to purchase. Just show activity in the application and get a discount.


  • free app to find the best prices and great bonuses;
  • compare products and buy them at an affordable price;
  • the app is compatible with most Android versions;
  • communicate with the community and earn bonuses for activity;
  • many coupons and vouchers for the most active users.
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