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Android 4.1 and above
Diary first pageDiary drawing

Diary is an Android application that allows you to take notes, on the shopping list, and any other information. Here you can explain the whole story of your life, describing the various days and events of the past day. The application supports password protection and a special mode for drawing. This will allow you to take short handwritten notes, draw pictures and leave them in the application. It is worth noting that here is a convenient search for information.

This is a great application that will allow you to record all your thoughts and events that have occurred over the past period. Create a real temple of memory and record everything that happened to you. Here are many interesting reminders and stylistic designs. You can create your own color and style that matches your mood. Use bold, italic, or capitalized letters to form the entire text. This will help you create a special atmosphere while writing texts. Experiment and embody all your fantasies in a graphic style. You can even convert documents to PDF format or attach photos to the finished material.

Fast Notes

The application is great for creating notes and remembering everything that happened to you all day. Thanks to this, you can return to various recordings after some time. Convenient to search by keywords will allow you to find the most important points recorded earlier. You can also sort notes by date. This will allow you to find the desired material even faster. This is a great option that is suitable for all creative people who want to organize their memories.

App Features

  • diary on Android for recording important moments;
  • attach a photo to text notes;
  • selection of color themes and font for text;
  • convert notes and password protection;
  • backup and restore option.
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