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Android 5.0 and above
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Discord is a gamer voice and text messaging app. Here you can cooperate and discuss your actions in various games. Use the voice channel and text message to communicate with friends and coordinate your actions. Now you can communicate in real time without delay and improve your game statistics. Add friends to your list to always be in touch. You can create your own server for the conference and discuss various game aspects. Thanks to free online chat you can cooperate with friends.

Share screenshots, chat, and send videos to each other to receive many notifications. Voice chat is completely free so you can connect to a different gaming community or create your own channel. Now you will always know which of the friends on the network and can organize a game session. The system allows you to receive notifications in order to connect to the common server for the game in time. Start chatting and comment on game actions in real time.

Connect With Friends

Online games have become very popular among many people. Real-time battle allows you to feel the adrenaline and a surge of strength. Thanks to this application, you can always combine your actions with friends to fight monsters, Zombies and defeat other rivals. Now you do not need to use additional software because this Android application is quickly synchronized and allows you to communicate without restrictions. Choose any mode of communication and enjoy high-quality communication without delay.

App Features

  • application for gamers on Android;
  • chat with friends and coordinate game activities;
  • support for group chat rooms and private channels;
  • gaming communities for each gamer;
  • exchange text messages, photos and videos.
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