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DJ App

Magic Instrument Music Studio - Piano vs DJ
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Android 4.4 and above
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DJ App is a music player on Android that allows you to listen to your favorite music tracks and edit them online. Use a real DJ console to create smooth transitions between tracks, impose various sound effects and improvise with stylistic components. There are many ready-made samples and special memory banks that help you record your own compositions and edit them. The application interface completely repeats the DJ remote. 

You can choose different stylistic effects in order to enjoy new results. Now any composition can be changed beyond recognition. Create your own creative compositions and have fun. This application is intended for all people who love musical compositions and want to show their creativity. Use ready-made three-dimensional effects and save songs. Special equalizer for music tracks can help you to edit the frequency range and get new sound effects. Choose your own style and switch between different combinations to get the desired result. 

Real DJ Console

A special panel will help you choose the rhythm for your composition and modify the basic structure of the song. It is worth noting that the pre-installed samples in the application have high sound quality. You will enjoy special effects that are designed to customize the standard sound. Visualization of the equalizer and various settings allows you to quickly understand the basics of editing music and get an unforgettable experience in creating musical compositions. Experiment and you can get a new sound format for your compositions.

App Features

  • the Android player for listening and editing music;
  • convenient interface with music playback settings;
  • preset memory banks and samples for editing;
  • visualization of the frequency range and tracks;
  • control basic sound parameters in one click.
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