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DJI GO is an indispensable Android application for owners of quadcopters PHANTOM 3 and INSPIRE 1. To start using the mobile application, you should download and install it on your device and synchronize with the quadrocopter. After that, you can begin to launch the device into the sky and use the application. But we would recommend to start testing the interactive mode, in which the application will help the user to acquire the necessary management skills on the built-in simulator, without risking putting a real flying machine in danger.


With the help of DJI GO, everything seen by the quadrocopter will be broadcast to your mobile device. Seeing everything that he sees, you will be able to move in the necessary direction to capture not random video, but precisely those landscapes or events that you need. The Android application saves all recorded videos to a special library, but you can easily “remove” them from there by pressing just a few buttons.
The client additionally allows you to track your location and the location of your bird. The user can also get acquainted with all the detailed information regarding flights – their number, time, dates and distance over which the quadrocopter traveled.

Thanks to the built-in editor, all recorded video material is subject to preliminary editing before it is sent in a private dialogue or published in the public domain. DJI GO supports integration with social networks and other resources, including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and others.

Key Features

  • suitable for interaction with quadrocopters Phantom, Inspire and camera Osmo;
  • the built-in video editor allows you to edit the video before publishing;
  • saves the history of movements and detailed information about them;
  • supports the publication of material from the social. networks and other resources;
  • there is a simulator mode that allows beginners to master the basics of quadrocopter control.
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