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DOUPAI is an Android app with the option to edit video frame by frame.

How to edit files?

This is a free video editing application. The interface contains ready-made templates and video fragments to demonstrate various settings. Also, users can add their videos and change the brightness and contrast. The menu has separate filters and the ability to add music files. Besides, there are stickers, effects, and various visual settings. 

The built-in editor allows you to view each frame and add pictures to the video. Finished videos can be saved on a smartphone or tablet and also published on social networks. Sometimes the application can shut down arbitrarily. Freezes are also possible while editing graphic content.

The main menu contains separate templates where you can cut your face from a photo and add it to the finished video in one click. Switch between categories to find the most fun options. The only drawback of this format is that you don’t always be able to crop selfies to create a video correctly.

Is it free to use?

Part of the settings template is available for free. It is worth noting that this option also allows you to disable ads and unlimited file saving. If the user does not subscribe, he or she can watch commercials to unlock individual templates to create authoring content. It is worth noting that this option does not always work but allows you to open certain settings for a while.


  • utility for video and publication on social networks;
  • set of templates and effects with a storyboard;
  • the basic functionality is available for free;
  • the ability to add music from the device’s music library;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Android.
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