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Driving Theory UK

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Driving Theory UK is a handy app for novice drivers. Here you can find many theoretical exercises and practical exercises for learning the rules of the road. Here you will receive the correct answers to the tests and a detailed explanation of the various situations on the road. You will be able to practice studying numerous topics, increasing your level of knowledge for the test. You can also pass the simulation of the initial test to understand the specifics of the application and get more information for passing the exam. 

It is worth noting that the application contains new questions that answer various topics and mixed in random order. All content is available offline. Here you can get free explanations and notifications of various activities. Overall it is a great application for those who want to get a driver’s license and learn the whole theoretical part. Each aspect of the application aims to speed up your work and to learn the basics of traffic. Now you can navigate the current legislation and legal framework without any problems. Choose any format for studying tests and test your practical knowledge using a special menu.

Handy Driving Theory App

Thanks to this application, you can quickly prepare for testing and get your driver’s license without any problems. Study real tests, various driving situations, and you will become a professional driver. This application will speed up the learning process and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Daily updates will allow you to keep abreast of all legislative and technical changes in the rules.

App Features

  • tests and exercises to learn traffic rules;
  • preparation for the final tests and demo mode;
  • get detailed information about changes in the legal framework;
  • full offline mode with testing;
  • selection of sections for study.
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