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DroiHealth is an Android application with the option of monitoring physical activities, running and walking to be exact.


This utility is intended for those people who are actively involved in sports and want to track personal statistics in one place. The application can track the number of steps taken and calories burned. All information is compiled in tables and graphs for detailed visualization.

For the correct calculation of physical indicators, you must specify the body weight and a number of other parameters. The utility also helps maintain water balance and notify users of the need to drink a glass of water.

Synchronization with fitness trackers helps to control a person’s pulse and biorhythms during sleep. The utility measures a number of important parameters for compiling the sleep phase and waking time. Data is archived for a day, a week, and a whole month. This helps to see key changes over a long period.


By default, fitness bracelets can display a small amount of data on screen. This is not convenient, and general statistics are not available. The utility connects to wearable gadgets using Bluetooth and saves all data. This helps to systematize them in the future and observe all the key changes in the body.

Also, the application can connect to a shared server with personal statistics to motivate users. Other people’s personal indicators help novice athletes continue their workouts.


  • application for managing data with fitness traces;
  • heart rate, sleep periods and pedometer;
  • automatic water intake reminders;
  • the utility is available for free download;
  • full compatibility with current versions of Android.
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