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Android 4.1
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Dropbox is a cloud storage where you can arrange all your files and share the download link. Use this space as your desktop to save all your important projects.

Store & Edit files

Many users often run into a lack of remote desktop. This application for Android smartphones and tablets helps to save data in the Cloud and provide access to their editing and systematization. Here you can organize your remote work and share data with other people. It is worth noting that the application works as quickly as possible and allows you to arrange a single space for absolutely all data. Create folders and organize all your bookmarks. You can also scan various paper documents. 

Add them to your digital library. All files can be transferred to other users with specific marks and markers. You can save large files like movies and software systems. The application also supports separate cheats for discussing various issues. You can chat with friends and colleagues about various aspects. It is worth noting that you can upload all the essential documents to your device and open files, even without an Internet connection.

Organize your workplace

Thanks to this Android application, you can improve and organize your daily work. Save files that are very important to you and get access to them anywhere in the world. Here you can save and organize various directories and change access rights. Download large files and transfer them to your friends in one click. It is worth noting that the application uses a free trial period of 30 days when subscribing. It means that you can make sure you are comfortable using the app and switch to a paid tariff.


  • application for storing files and exchanging data on Android devices;
  • the first month is free, subject to the further subscription;
  • convenient group chats with a discussion history;
  • store and transfer large files in one click for free in first 30 days;
  • organizing and creating directories with data.
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