Drum Pad Machine

Drum Pad Machine

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Android 4.1
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Drum Pad Machine is an Android application with the option of creating electronic music.

Principle of operation

This utility is designed to create electronic music. The menu is reminiscent of a mix of a mixing console and a touchpad of squares. Each sector is responsible for a specific sound or set of instruments. The utility has a loopback mode and the creation of a rhythmic pattern.

Users can adjust the volume, select presets and additional effects to create surround sound. The main disadvantage is that the application supports only a few free options. Users will have to apply for a paid subscription.

Music Lessons

The app contains a guide for beginners and training materials to familiarize you with the basic functions of creating music. Also, the training section contains simple melodies that are easy to record and play. Separate sections with lessons allow you to progress and discover new tasks.

Learning the basic mechanics of creating music allows you to get some patterns and interesting ideas for improvisation. Passing all the tasks allows you to discover additional features and gain more skills for creating music.

One of the main disadvantages is that the utility intrusively advertises paid content. All free options are very limited, and advertising banners pop up on the whole screen with an interval of five minutes. Only buying a subscription can remove ads and unlock all options.


  • application for creating electronic music;
  • the interface is made in the format of a mixing console;
  • educational materials for making music;
  • the application is available for free download;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Android.
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